Dawes Glacier in Endicott Arm

Dawes Glacier is located Dawes Glacier at the end of Endicott Arm near Juneau Alaska and your Alaska Cruise is just the perfect platform for viewing this glacier up close.

The towering mountains shoot upwards on both sides of the fjord. Covered in lush evergreens, abundant waterfalls and snow capped peaks with many blue ice glaciers on their tops. The water through these arms typically is smooth and calm. The reflections of the mountains and sky in the waters is a sight to see in itself. Dawes glacier is one of the more visible of the tidewater glaciers in Alaska, a mountain of ice hundreds of feet high and half a mile across.

While the northern arm of Tracy Arms sees a steady flow of cruise ships and smaller tour boats, far fewer visit the southern Endicott Arm and often you can be the only visitors in a given day.


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