Whale Watching Tours Vancouver Canada

Starting off your vacation in Vancouver BC can include a day cruise with some outstanding whale watching where you can see Orcas in their natural habitat. Whale Watching Tours in the Vancouver area before or after your Alaska Cruises. Whale watching tours allow you to learn first hand about the pods of Orcas whales while watching them in the wild and natural habitat

Whale watching tours are best between the first of April and the end of October.

If you choose to go whale watching from Vancouver BC you are apt to see one of three main types of whales.

Southern resident killer whales made up of approximately 80 individual killer whales. The killer whale, also referred to as the orca whale is a toothed whale feeding primarily on fish or other marine mammals. Killer whales are not dangerous like their names imply.

Transient killer whales tend to travel in smaller groups most often around two to six whale in a group. Transient killer whales can be found from California well up the coast of Alaska.

Humpback whales are showing up in Puget Sound and the waters off Vancouver Island and in the straits in numbers not seen for decades. During the summer the humpback whales are being spotted nearly daily.

Whale Watching from Victoria BC on Vancouver Island report better than a 95% success rate sighting whales making this a great choice for starting your maritime vacation.


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